Limodash provides the best software in booking, scheduling, dispatch and reservation management in a single app.

  • > Reservation Management
  • > Scheduling
  • > Customer and Account Management
  • > Accounting, Billing & Driver Payroll

LimoDash's features offer a simplified and user-friendly must-have tool for any black car service, ground transportation service, and limousines service providers to assist in boosting productivity and experience huge growth.

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Branded to your Business

Reservation Management

Monitor and control your rides from the beginning to the end with our technology integrated ride management system.


Create your dispatch framework for your organization. Plan and designate trips, text all your drivers with just one click, and monitor flights in live time.

Customer & Account Management

Safe customers information and choices within your reach to validate the fact that you are offering a personalized service which is the basis of your business.

Accounting, Billing & Driver Payroll

Record and control customers receipts, sort out credit card payments and monitor payment expenditures.

Limodash ground transportation software and mobile apps are available anywhere anytime and on all devices.


Our Pricing plan is Flexible and Measure With Your Budget

Reorganize your ground transportation business with Limodash automated booking, scheduling, dispatch and reservation control structure from the comfort of your home or relaxation center through your device.

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