About us

About Us

Since 2015, Limo Dash is the most reliable industrial-strength ground transportation company worldwide. For 4 years, we have fostered a wide-ranging scope of excellent service providing an utmost gratification and safety to customers.

With the help of our best working team, loyal customers and partners, together with the competitive level of network connectivity, our cloud-based fleet management software became on-demand extensively. Henceforth, we are confident that our dynamic software efficiently works for operators to run their own business in the most manageable way possible.

Here at Limo dash, your trust is our precious commodity.

Hopefully, you’ll drive together with us.

Vision and Mission

It is our mission to make the dream luxurious ride experience of our clients achievable. We also envision to help all people across the globe create their own business through Limo dash software. Your success is our goal!

Who are we? We are the world-leading mobile software company in the dispatching and chauffeur service industry. Our team comprises strategists, designers and engineers who strive for the best, easy-to-use Limo dash software providing our clients the high-quality mobile experience